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Case Study Finding

Fiaz ONLY Pupils scored an Average of 244.34 in 50% less tuition time (152.5Hrs) as compared to Fiaz & an 11+ Literacy Tutor Pupils who scored an average of 239. 97 with (315.5 Hrs) with a financial saving of approximately £2,035.

This case study is based on classes taught by Fiaz (Solely) and (Jointly with an 11+ Literacy Tutor) from Sept 2017 - Sept 2019. 2 Years Preparation for the 11+ Grammar exam.


Tuition Options for 11+ Preparation.

At My Learning Club From August 2020 Pupils can choose to do the Full 11+ Course for Grammar or Independent in 50% less tuition time and attend only 1 Day per week with Option 1 (REMOTE ZOOM) or Option 2 (IN CLASS) and do Literacy, Maths, and NVR with Fiaz.

Current pupils after the Covid-19 Pandemic were completing classes with Option 3 (REMOTE ZOOM) attending 2 days a week. One day Literacy and one day Maths/NVR. Options 4 (IN CLASS) will automatically be available when we return back to the classroom but one class will run Option 3 (REMOTE ZOOM) from the comfort of their home and will only do Maths/NVR.

OPTION 1. From the comfort of your home have tuition 1 Day a week. The FULL 11+ Course in Literacy, Maths & NVR with Fiaz and his assistants for REMOTE ZOOM Tuition and receive Weekly Explainer Videos.

You may be required to attend additional support classes or a monthly support webinar to ensure you can keep up with the course if you are not performing at the level required. These additional support sessions are at no additional cost but are compulsory.

OPTION 2. Attend Tuition 1 Day a week. The FULL 11+ Course Literacy, Maths & NVR with Fiaz and his assistants for IN CLASS Tuition (Solihull Classroom) on Saturdays and receive Weekly Explainer Videos.

We have absolutely NO RESERVATIONS if a parent attends Literacy Club and Maths/NVR Classes - tuition on 2 Days a week - Options 3 or 4. Options 1 or 2 - tuition on 1 Day a week are offered to help parents decide wisely about a two-year commitment to do double the tuition time, give up weekends for two years or 2 days a week at an additional cost when choosing to do 2 days a week course.

Ultimately, parents have a free choice in how they wish to prepare for the 11+ and the tuition services which they wish to deploy.

We always advise parents to only use tutors who have a published track history and can offer complete transparency of results. Your child will only have a single chance to sit the 11 plus and no-one should dictate who you use and who you should not. Proven published track history and results offer complete peace of mind, especially to parents going through the 11+ journey for the first time.

My Learning Club will continue to teach, mentor, serve, guide, and provide the best preparation to all pupils who enrol on any 11+ course and leverage the resources and infrastructure of Solihull Professional Tuition Centre, a founder member of the Association of Professional Tuition Centres.

11 Plus Course Limited set by Fiaz in 2020 is a digital online platform for 11+ Explainer Videos in Literacy, Maths, NVR and hosts Model Answers for 11+ Scholarship Maths and proprietary National 11+ Online Mock Exams. We aim to deliver the most relevant 11+ CEM Mock Exam experience and as close as possible to the ‘Real Life Exam’

Mock Exams have been custom written by Fiaz and his expert team of writers and are based on the 11+ CEM examination structure and question types. Many publicly available resources by national publishers are out of date. The exact question format in the current 11+ CEM exam forms the basis of both the online 11 Plus Course and the custom 11+ Mock Exams.

2020 Cohort Taught by Fiaz (Solely) & (Jointly with an 11+ Literacy Tutor)

(The comparison table below is for Factual Information Only so parents can make informed decisions for pupils taught by Fiaz at Solihull Tuition the FULL COURSE (Top 29) and those taught by Fiaz Maths/NVR & an 11+ Literacy Tutor at My Learning Club taught (29 only) so parents understand more tuition does NOT necessarily mean better results). 2020 Cohort refers to children starting their Grammar School in Sept 2020 who sat and passed the exam in Sept 2019. Results comparison table for this cohort is provided below.

TOP 10

ST Results Higher by0.50

TOP 20

ST Results Higher by2.50

TOP 29

ST Results Higher by4.38


All highlighted pupils were jointly taught by Literacy Club and Maths/NVR Club. The Maths/NVR course components are identical to the Maths/NVR course run at Solihull Professional Tuition Centre as part of the full 11+ CEM Literacy, Maths/NVR course.

The Mean Average of Pupils who were taught Maths/NVR by Fiaz was 239.07 compared to the rest of the pupils who averaged 229. An Average of 10 Marks higher than pupils taught Maths/NVR elsewhere.

Scoring an average of 244.34 with ONLY 152.5 Hours - Half the My Learning Club Tuition Time and saving £2,035 in tuition fees!

In 2019 Solihull Professional Tuition Centre Results for the top 29 pupils were Fiaz taught the full course were 4.4 marks higher than the marks for the 29 children taught jointly by an 11+ Specialist Literacy Tutor and Fiaz at My Learning Club.

These children followed a course of 152.5 hours (Average Score 244.34) versus 315.5 hours (Average Score 239.97) - jointly by Fiaz and an 11+ Literacy Tutor if a child at My Learning Club did all the holiday clubs. 51.6% hours LESS tuition to get 4.4 marks higher average than their counterparts.

More Tuition does not always mean a better outcome

The actual cost difference which parents sometimes do not fully take into account can be an ADDITIONAL £2,035 cost over two years excluding the cost of additional travel, petrol, waiting time and sacrifice to family life for two years.

Ultimately, parents should understand that the choice is purely theirs as to how they plan their 11+ journey. This case study is to merely report factual information regarding the 2019 cohort last year so parents can decide on the best course of action for their child.

For some parents it is all down to lifestyle and attending one day a week and that option is available as Option 3.

Since lockdown a ZOOM REMOTE course is offered which is identical to the actual in class Maths/NVR course – parents can still attend the Literacy Club and do the Maths/NVR prep remotely. The Year 5 11+ Scholarship Maths Course is being completed remotely this year and it looks like the August Mock Programme is also likely to be taught remotely. This tuition offering is now offered to suit your family and lifestyle balance.

Children taught by Fiaz the Full Course including Literacy, Maths and NVR attended a course once a week for 1 hour 15 minutes in Year 4 and a 2 hours 15 minutes class in Year 5 for 35 weeks each year at Solihull Professional Tuition Centre for 152.5 hours. This was a broader range ability group and scored an average of 244.34 with one child also getting a place at Eton College.

Children taught by Fiaz and an 11+ Literacy Tutor jointly at My Learning Club pupils attended a course twice a week for 2 hours in Year 4 and 3 hours in Year 5 for 40 weeks each year. A total of 74 hours Year 4 and 241.5 hours in Year 5 a total of 315.5 hours including holiday clubs and the Solihull Professional Tuition Centre August Mock Revision Course of 30 hours taught by Fiaz covering Literacy, Maths and NVR. This was a higher ability selected group, and they scored 239.97 as an average. This was 4.4 marks LOWER than their counterparts taught ONLY by Fiaz.

Efficiency of tuition processes, adoption of technology and increased motivational levels of children with a broad range ability cohort of children, can eventually achieve better results than strong candidates who have double the tuition time with two 11+ Expert Tutors.

2020 Cohort Taught by Fiaz (Solely) &
(Jointly with an 11+ Literacy Tutor)


YearSOLIHULL TUITION COURSE 2020 COHORT - SUNDAYLessonsHoursTotal HoursTuition Cost
Year 4TAUGHT BY FIAZ @ £30 per Hour351.2543.75 1,312.50
Year 5TAUGHT BY FIAZ @ £30 per Hour352.2578.75 2,362.50
 30 Hr August Mock Course at Solihull Tuition - Taught by Fiaz  30 900.00
 TOTAL TUITION HOURS & TUITION COST AT SOLIHULL TUITION over 2 Years Year 4 & Year 5.  152.5£4,575.00
 AVERAGE RESULT OF 2020 COHORT (TOP 29) children average mark - 244.34    
YearMY LEARNING CLUB COURSE 2020 COHORT - SATURDAYLessonsHoursTotal HoursTuition Cost
Year 4TAUGHT BY Maths/NVR Club - FIAZ @ £25 per Hour35135875.00
 TAUGHT BY Literacy Club - 11+ Literacy Tutor @ £25 per session39139975.00
Year 5TAUGHT BY Maths/NVR Club FIAZ @ £25 per Hour351.5751875.00
 30 Hr August Mock Course at Solihull Tuition - Taught by Fiaz  30750.00
 Year 5 Maths / NVR Workshop236150.00
 TAUGHT BY Literacy Club - 11+ Literacy Tutor @ £35 per session411561.51435.00
 TAUGHT BY Literacy Club - 11+ Literacy Tutor Holiday Clubs Half Terms & Easter @ £25 per session12336750.00
 TAUGHT BY Literacy Club - 11+ Literacy Tutor Holiday Clubs Summer@ £100 & £25 per session x 611333250.00
 TOTAL TUITION HOURS & TUITION COST AT MY LEARNING CLUB over 2 Years Year 4 & Year 5.  315.5£6,610.00
 AVERAGE RESULT OF 2020 COHORT 29 children average mark - 239.97    

As of August 2020, the My Learning Club classroom is now at 631 Warwick Road Solihull B91 1AR and is open for IN CLASS TUITION & REMOTE ZOOM TUITION on Saturdays.

Fiaz Rashid will still honour all places contracted to teach under My Learning Club and mentor both children and parents towards a guideline target mark for each individual child. A ‘child centred’ philosophy is adopted to raise attainment and improve the pupils' future education and confidence.

My Learning Club courses in Maths/NVR will run for all pupils wishing to pursue the legacy course at My Learning Club and these classes will run on Saturdays at 631 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 1AR.

There is an option to attend just once a week and do the full course on a Saturday or on a Sunday where the full course in English, Maths and NVR will be taught which will be identical to the full course at Solihull Tuition taught by Fiaz on a Sunday.

If you wish to move to that course or want extra reinforcement of the literacy skills required for the exam or to replace attending two classes a week and opting for a better quality of family life and balance and attending only ONCE a week, better still attending REMOTE ZOOM lessons the choice is yours.

Ultimately, it is all about getting the highest score in the examination for parents by completing efficiently, the least amount of tuition hours at a fair investment cost and ensure your child is happy and relaxed on the journey to become the best possible version of themselves.

Decide wisely, decide sensibly, if you need to discuss your particular circumstances then please call 07758314202. Fiaz is always available to help and serve parents with the right professional and impartial advice on their 11+ journey, especially if this is your first child and the process is overwhelming for you.


Mastering Exam technique and the love of transforming Literacy, Maths and NVR skills by inspiring excellence

Mohammed Fiaz Rashid

(Expert Tuition in 11+ CEM Literacy, Maths & Non-Verbal Reasoning, 11+ Scholarship Maths and 11+ Scholarship English)

Fiaz has successfully taught the 11+ CEM format of the exam and prepared children for top independent schools since 2015 and last year had an average mean mark of 235 in the 11+ CEM grammar exam. Children who did the 11+ Scholarship Maths Course had an average mark of 246. The highest Mark was 275. There were also 28 scholarships for independent school entry in 2019 along with a second child to have secured a place at Eton College.

The remote tuition of a limited number of pupils lead to scholarships at St Albans Henrietta Barnet, Bedford School and St Albans Girls as well as KES and KEHS. Fiaz has always enjoyed exam mastery and personal development including completing Mastery University with Anthony Robbins.

Fiaz always loved Mathematics from a young age pursuing it to degree and professional level but he also secured a grade A in English at O Level. He was one of two children nationally who were offered the Shell sponsorship and studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University, taking higher maths options as an integral component on the course. Fiaz subsequently trained as a Chartered Accountant with Delloite and Touche in the City of London and went on to work in US investment banks, in risk management.

After a successful career in investment banking and finance, Fiaz went on to set up a successful software company and was CEO for over ten years appearing in the ETRE (European Technology Roundtable) 2004 global list of top 250 CEO’s. The company diversified into educational software solutions and from 2006 Fiaz has been involved with the 11 Plus as his children started to go through the process and he was disillusioned that no one had a proper syllabus and resources were dated. Fiaz actively taught the current 11 plus syllabus from home for a number of years.

Whilst searching for a premises to set up a new centre to offer quality tuition in 2014, he acquired Solihull Professional Tuition Centre from a retired Head Teacher who is now the patron of the centre in 2014. The centre was a founder member of the Association of Professional Tuition Centres and is also a member of the Tutor’s Association. The goal was to deliver transparent tuition services and motivate children to become the best version of themselves.

Fiaz had a vision to transform the 11+ industry by starting off and maintaining a 100% pass rate by focusing ruthlessly on exam technique, timing mastery and spaced learning of all questions and concepts a child kept getting wrong.

Fiaz holds a belief that through sheer hard work and dedicated commitment to the correct syllabus, any average child can pass the 11 plus if mentored and tutored effectively and now has a track history of endless cases where children have passed the 11plus having been told they will never pass the 11 plus by a previous tutor or school teacher.

Fiaz successfully rolled out the AE Tuition Programme for pupils in 2015, 2016 and then adapted his course to integrate a mock system just before the exam which transformed the mean mark of results.

Fiaz has developed a unique approach to 11+ Creative Writing and Long Comprehension, focusing on providing model answers on how to secure top marks in the 11+ Independent exams. This has been the cornerstone of his many successful pupils who have passed and secured scholarships over the years. For left brain dominant mathematicians struggling to write creatively the course has been a revelation and for right brain dominant children it allows them to excel and perfect exam technique by mastering how to gauge the mark scheme and write at a level way above their peer group to maximise marks. Exam technique and model answers are the key to 11+ success and any examination that a child is ever likely to take. The 11+ Scholarship English Course has model answers for every comprehension paper on the course and for each piece of creative writing on the course. are digitally based websites on 11+ courses nationally which can allow any child to have access to explainer video-based content so children and parents can stop, rewind, fast forward explanations on any aspect of the current 11+ CEM format and 11+ Independent exams. Children attending the Solihull Professional Tuition can to be ranked nationally when children sit national Digital Mock Exams for both 11+ CEM examinations and also 11+ Scholarship Maths Papers. This may also be extended to My Learning Club.

Fiaz’s sole focus in this industry now is to empower parents to be able to support their child’s 11+ journey and reinforce at home the exact techniques that are taught in class so as to create the most efficient structure for 11+ knowledge transfer between pupils, parents and the tutor and this in turn can lead to achieving the best possible results year on year and increase the mean average of the course to 250+. The end goal has to be to make 11+ preparation accessible to every home and every single child in the country. 100% Scholarships have been offered on the 11+ CEM Course for some pupils where they do the course without paying any fees and at My Learning Club these will also be available from 2021.