11+ CEM Maths & NVR Assessment for My Learning Club Junior Maths & NVR Club

11+ CEM Mock Examinations 2020.

The 11+ CEM Mock Examinations offer the child the opportunity to be able to experience a real life mock examination setting and to be able to familiariser themselves to what a real life 11+ examination is like.

The can get accustomed to examination nerves and the pressures involved when sitting a real examination, You may feel concerned your child entering them into mock examinations but they reflect exactly what will happen on the day of the real examination. It is vital that children become familiar with not only the format, but the type of content and atmosphere at these mock examinations.

In previous years children have benefited significantly from the mock examinations and we try to use content which was most similar to the recent examinations. This assists children tremendously with the actual 11+ examination. You will be able to identify the key areas of strength and weakness and therefore be able to focusing on practicing the question types and revise the appropriate areas to fill in any gaps of knowledge way before the examination.

In short, it is the best possible way to prepare your child after they have had the relevant tuition to see if they can apply their knowledge in a real life mock examination setting.

Please Note: Mock Examination Papers are proprietary Copyright of My Learning Club and will not be allowed to be taken home by candidates.

Key Features

   Experienced Specialist Tutors with a 100% pass record for 11+ CEM Grammar.
   Over 83% of children secured places at King Edwards Camp Hill schools in 2019.
   Guaranteed to build confidence so your child is not overwhelmed in the real exam.
   Professional examination booklets, just like the real examination.
   Quality mock feedback & learning outcomes covered in class for current pupils
   Optional review sessions focussed on improving techniques
   Quality venue administered and supervised by DBS approved specialist tutors.
   Probably the best 11+ Mock experience in Birmingham and Warwickshire.
   Structure of the exams similar to the last few years of 11+ CEM testing.
   Our best assessment of the questions types that may appear in the 11+ in 2020 (August Mock)

11+ CEM Maths NVR Assessment Junior Maths NVR Literacy Club
My Learning Club 11+ CEM Mock Examinations Year 5
DateDayRegistration TimeExamination StartsExamination Finishes
21st March 2020Saturday12:30 PM1:00 PM3:00 PM
4th July 2020Saturday12:30 PM1:00 PM3:00 PM
8th August 2020Saturday8:30 AM9:00 AM11:00 AM

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Mock examinations are priced at only £65 each for current pupils.



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Mohammed Fiaz Rashid (Expert Tuition in 11+ Maths & Non-Verbal Reasoning & Scholarship Maths)
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